Monday, May 6, 2013

Video Games vs Sports

Just read a painfully biased article on a Sports News site that admonished video gamers who did not like watching or talking about professional sports, because we waste more time watching digital orcs battle than a typical sports spectator would spend watching real people battle. Let me set the record straight as a gamer: I hate sports spectating because it is boring and requires no active thought processes to watch. At least you exercise problem-solving while gaming. 

I have nothing against playing sports however. We do not watch orcs slay each other and we are not in some fantasy-world that glorifies violence, but rather we do a series of well-timed inputs that require at least a minimal amount of concentration with an interactive computer video. Playing a video game, playing a sport, drawing, writing, and driving a car on a scenic route are all technically useless activities, but we do them. What I don't do is watch people play sport unless I want to learn the rules or get a feel for what is performed while playing; same with video games.

I guess there are doers and there are watchers, but neither should judge the other.

Also, I have finally cemented myself as a perma-geek. Courtesy of an apprentice, Caroline Phillpot, at Addiction here in Gainesville. Sonic is on the other side, but he needs a touch-up.


Ghosts about. I did finally score a 3DS.

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