Friday, June 10, 2011

so Wii herd U liek Vitas

So, E3 is upon us once more. I remember when they were gonna quit doing those, but I guess it is the best way to hype the everliving crap out of the gaming giants. Either way, the information released during E3 is invaluable for giving us a glimpse of that next huge purchase that you know you will inevitably make. Also, if you are like me, you are poor and forced to pick. I never even touched a PS3 until the Slim came out, and I feel it is the strongest console this gen. I just wish I had more friends who owned one.

Having already declared that I will not buy a 3DS until they address the battery, I am left high and dry for a while. It is not a big deal, the launch for 3DS is certainly pretty weak. I have yet to see one in public and the launch titles are sour at best. You know what I see everwhere now? Those shiny DSi's. Maybe, I should blow my cheque on one.

So far, the big announcements have been the Nintendo Wii U and the PlayStation Vita, which are essentially the Wii2 and the PSP2 (otherwise known as the NGP). So, what does the next gen offer us? The PSV features two analogue sticks (demanded for PSP for years now), two cameras (huh?), a touch screen (Nintendo beat you to the punch), nigh-PS3 graphics (typical for a handheld to use last gen graphics), and 3G with AT&T (subsequently boo'd during the press release). Oh, I would not hold my breath for 3G gaming, it is so you can Facebook on your handheld too! The Wii U is... Well, it is the Wii... With an iPa- err, I mean WiiPad. I am not hugely impressed, but I need to throw in for the next gen of portable gaming, so I will get a Vita. The question is whether I will get the 3G version. They have not said anything about the battery life (deal-breaker) or payment for the 3G service (tie-breaker). I am just happy that they actually named it something, I am sick of the numbers being tacked onto everything. Nintendo has resorted to baby-talk now. Can Japanese people even pronounce that stuff?

Also, since Sony and Microsoft have made no comments about their next gen yet, I see no reason to look at the Wii U, which also boasts HD (last gen feature, yippee). Let us see how E3 unfolds.

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